PAMM Accounts

What are PAMM Accounts?

FXMISO PAMM Account is a service that gives investors the chance to make money without trading themselves on Forex and allows managers to earn additional income for managing client funds.

The Basic Idea Behind the PAMM Account

  • A manager opens a PAMM Account allocating a certain amount of his initial investment as the Manager’s Capital. He will be unable to withdraw from this amount (an additional incentive for the manager to demonstrate caution in his trading). Next, he designs his proposal, in which he lists the terms for the investors. This includes the percentage of their share of the profit will pay him in compensation.
  • Investors search through the Manager’s Portfolio to find the account they would like to invest in.
  • The manager begins making trades on the account using both his personal capital and the funds of his investors. Profit and losses on the account are divided among the manager and investors based on their share in the account.

How a PAMM Account Works

While efforts have been made by the brokerage to ensure that all track records and past performance are as accurate and genuine as possible, it is the sole responsibility of the Investor to conduct the necessary due diligence before choosing to invest any funds with a PAMM account manager.

  • Past returns on the PAMM Accounts are not a guarantee of future profits.
  • FXMISO offers the PAMM Account as a service for managers and investors, but is not involved in the management of the account.
  • FXMISO and its affiliates will not be held liable for any losses incurred on any invested capital.

PAMM Accounts – An Effective Investment Solution

  • Profit potential

    The potential returns generated by a PAMM Account Manager are generally superior to traditional banking products.

  • Reliability

    The validity of the documents, data and identity of each manager has been carefully verified by an independent panel.

  • Transparency

    Track the manager’s activity, and performance of your invested funds in real-time. Retrieve vital statistics and data through FXMISO’s state-of-the-art client back-office system

  • Funds Withdrawal

    Withdraw profits and funds at anytime with full confidence.

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