FXMISO welcomes your withdrawal request We will execute your request safely and as fast as possible not longer than 1-2 business days. FXMISO does not charge any withdrawal fees.


Bank Wire
International Wire transfer from bank account Withdrawal time of up to 1-2 working days for the execution by FXMISO plus 2-4 working days for the wire to reach your bank account.


  • The minimum withdrawal amount from the trading account is $100.
  • A withdrawal request is not considered to be in good order and will not be executed by FXMISO unless you have previously submitted all the applicable documents – passport/government identification card, proof of residence and your account declaration.
  • Beneficiary must be the account owner (or one of the joint account owners) only.
  • Fund may only be withdrawn to the same bank account or credit card from which funds were originally deposited.
  • If you wish to withdraw funds partially, it is not necessary to close open positions, but FXMISO, is not responsible for any losses which may occur as a result of the reduced equity on your account.
  • If you wish to close the account you must close all the open positions before withdrawing the funds.
  • No third party payments/withdrawals are allowed.
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